Micro Center Hours and Locations

If you are looking for a place to buy computers and consumer electronics, Micro Center is a good choice. This destination store offers discounted prices on refurbished and open-box items, as well as floor displays. It also offers online ordering and excellent customer service. If you are in the market for a new computer, Mac, or printer, you will want to check out the hours and locations of Micro Center. In addition, you can expect to receive expert advice about how to get the most out of your new computer.

Micro Center is a destination retailer for computer and consumer electronics

Founded in 1979, Micro Center is a destination retailer for computers and consumer electronics. Today, Micro Center has 25 retail locations across the country. It competes with big box retailers, online retailers, and wholesale clubs. Founded by a computer engineer, the company has a unique model of focusing on volume but building customer relationships at the same time. In fact, its customer service has been praised by customers and analysts alike.

The company is led by Richard Murshid, CEO, Peggy Wolfe, and John Noble. Its primary focus is Computers, Consumer Electronics, and Accessories. In addition, Micro Center was the first retail outlet to carry the DJI Mavic Pro drone. Micro Center is a subsidiary of Micro Electronics, inc., a company that provides high-quality consumer electronics. Although Micro Center is based in Ohio, it does have locations across the country.

Operating 22 large stores in major markets across the US, Micro Center offers a specialized and comprehensive range of products for computer enthusiasts. Since it was founded in 1979, the company has expanded steadily and profitably. Micro Center associates strive to help customers choose the best products for their needs and are committed to offering exceptional service. They know the products inside and out, and they offer the right technology solutions for the budget of their customers.

The Micro Center customer service team is well-trained in resolving customer issues and delivering excellent service. Micro Center’s price matches with online and in-store competitors. Customers must provide proof that they saw the competitor’s product at a lower price. In addition, Micro Center accepts returns long after a reasonable period has passed. The microcenter team has become a hub for innovation in the electronics industry, and the company’s customer service is the most valuable part of its business.

It offers discounts on refurbished or open-box or floor display items

You might be wondering what is refurbished and how it differs from open-box products. Open-box items are those that were opened and returned to the store. They have been cleaned and repaired so that they look brand-new. Refurbished products were previously used but returned to the store for whatever reason. The only difference is that they’re tagged at a reduced price.

Open-box products may be refurbished. That doesn’t mean they’ve been returned to the store – these items may still have some wear and tear. Some of them have never left the store, while others may have been used and demoed by random customers. It is difficult to tell how much wear an item is if it has not been opened. Open-box items also often have no manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s hard to tell what to look for when purchasing these items.

Refurbished items are returned items that have been fully tested and reconditioned to be like-new. Most refurbished products are electronics, large appliances, and laptops. Refurbished items can be returned for a refund or an exchange. Most refurbished products come with a 90-day warranty, while all other items have a 30-day return policy. Refurbished Apple products are available at discounted prices and come with generous one-year limited warranties.

It offers online ordering

If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s essential that you implement an online ordering system to maximize your sales. This way, your customers won’t have to leave their seats to place an order. Instead, they’ll be directed directly to the ordering page where they can choose which products they want and then proceed to pay. They can choose online payments or pay at the store, or opt for cash-on-delivery. Customers will appreciate the convenience of this system, and your business will benefit as well.
It has good customer service

The micro center is a retailer based in Hilliard, Ohio. The company is among the top two hundred privately held companies in the U.S. and was recently listed as one of the 100 hottest retailers. Those who have purchased a product from Micro Center can expect excellent service and fast, friendly service. It is open seven days a week and offers a full range of technology products, including electronics, smartphones, and computers.

If you’re not satisfied with the products or the experience, you can always contact the Micro Center customer service team. Its representatives are available via phone, e-mail, and live chat. In case you’d rather contact someone via social media, you may contact Micro Center through their Instagram and YouTube accounts. Messages left on these social media pages are also monitored, so you may receive a response to your query.

The Micro Center has thousands of phone contacts a day, and those numbers can triple during Cyber Monday. This number of phone contacts made it essential to improve customer service. While its existing technology was adequate, it fell short of the commitment the company has to provide excellent customer service. To resolve the problem, manager Carolyn Held sought recommendations and saw a Zendesk demonstration at a different company. The Micro Center’s management team was able to build a compelling business case for the solution, and it showed great results in reducing the number of phone calls received.

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