Google WiFi Vs Nest WiFi

When comparing Google WiFi vs Nest WiFi, there are a few things you should look for. These factors include coverage, cost, and parental controls. You should also look for the design and features. These things can help you decide which WiFi router to get for your home. Read on to learn more about these devices.

Parental controls

The parental controls offered by Google WiFi and Nest WiFi are great features that can keep your children safe online. You can limit the time your children are allowed to spend online and put limits on the amount of adult content they are exposed to. The parental controls are easy to set up and can be customized to fit your family’s needs.

Google WiFi comes with a dedicated app that walks you through the basic setup and controls. However, it lacks more advanced features. Nest WiFi, on the other hand, relocates the controls to the official Google home app. This means you can control your smart home gadgets from the app, including parental controls and speed tests.

Nest WiFi has parental controls that are much more robust. For example, you can pause WiFi and set up routines to disconnect your kids’ devices. You can also filter content on sites and apply Google SafeSearch. Nest WiFi also lets you share the connection with multiple devices and checks the speed of your internet connection. Parental controls are an important feature to consider for your family’s safety online. The Nest WiFi also lets you schedule internet time-outs so you can limit your kids’ internet use.

Nest Wifi offers additional features, including microphones and speakers, which make it a more user-friendly product than Google WiFi. It also has Google Assistant integration. Voice commands allow you to interact with other devices through the Google Home network and perform other functions. Google WiFi, on the other hand, does not offer voice command functionality.


Google WiFi and Nest WiFi are both WiFi routers, and they are almost identical. However, Google WiFi comes with two ethernet ports, which is convenient for wired connections. Nest WiFi also has a microphone for asking questions. Both routers are designed to manage your Wi-Fi network and control your smart home devices.

While both routers have excellent wireless connectivity, Nest is slightly better in terms of range and speed. It also comes with smart speakers and voice commands. Nest is a better choice for those concerned about privacy and convenience. However, the Nest is a great option for anyone looking for a better wireless connection at a lower price.

Nest WiFi offers higher speeds than Google Wifi, and its coverage is more extensive. It is also compatible with more devices, making it a great option for larger households. If you’re in the market for a new mesh router, Nest Wifi is worth considering. Both products have solid reviews, but Nest has more features and higher specs. If you’re looking for a new smart home device, however, you might want to stick with Google.

Google Wifi comes in white and is easier to find than Nest Wifi. Nest offers three colors, including light pink and mist. While Google Wifi offers the highest combined speed, Nest has the best range and coverage. You should also know that Nest is more expensive than Google Wifi.

Cost of google WiFi vs nest WiFi: Both routers offer excellent connectivity. The Google Wifi router costs $169 at participating retailers, while the Nest Wifi router costs $149. Both routers can be upgraded up to three points for $349. Google Wifi is cheaper than Nest Wifi, but Nest offers more features.


Google WiFi routers have a range of up to 1,500 square feet, which makes them a better choice for smaller homes. However, their coverage is not as good as that of the Nest Points, which can cover up to 3,000 square feet. This difference is due to the fact that manufacturer measurements are based on ideal conditions, and walls and furniture can interfere with the WiFi signal.

Google WiFi and Nest WiFi routers have similar tech specs and designs. Both offer whole-home Wi-Fi access and support the Wi-Fi 5 standard. Both devices are also similar when it comes to installation. In terms of aesthetics, the Nest Wifi looks better than the Google Wifi. The Nest Wifi has a more rounded dome-like shape that is more attractive and provides better coverage.

Both Google WiFi and Nest WiFi units work with each other, although the Nest points may not have the same range of coverage. The main router does have ethernet ports, so you can use both. The main router and the Nest points can work together, and they both can function as a mesh point for greater coverage.

Coverage of Google WiFi vs Nest Wifi – Which is Better? Both systems have similar hardware, but the Nest has more advanced features and a better range. The Nest Wifi can connect up to eight devices at a time. The Nest also allows for media streaming to the television.

The Nest Wifi supports WPA2 security protocol, making it more compatible with more connected devices. The Google WiFi does not, however, support WAP or WEP security. Besides the WPA2 security, the Nest Wifi does have a web-based app that allows you to turn on WPA3 security.

Google WiFi points are interchangeable, and they can create a seamless mesh network. You simply connect one of them to your modem, and the rest act as mesh extensions throughout your house. As long as there is a power outlet nearby, you’re good to go.


Despite having similar features, Google WiFi and Nest WiFi are not quite the same. These two wireless routers have different designs, features, and layouts, but they still share some similarities. Both WiFi routers are relatively small and sit in the center of an ecosystem, but Nest’s point is a little heavier and has softer edges than Google’s. Nest’s point features a round LED indicator on the bottom edge and supports Google Assistant.

The design of Google WiFi is similar, though the Nest WiFi offers three different colors. Both units are cylindrical with blue LED lights around the center. The Nest Wifi comes in white, light pink, and mist colors. The Nest is available in three different colors, and is more aesthetically pleasing.

The Google WiFi was released in 2016, and its simplicity is one of its main selling points. It also costs less than the Nest WiFi. Both are available in a variety of price ranges and are available online. Regardless of whether you buy a new or used unit, the Google WiFi mesh system is a much cheaper alternative.

In addition to being similar in design, the Google and Nest WiFi routers also share similar tech specs. They both provide whole-home Wi-Fi and use the Wi-Fi 5 standard. The installation process is very similar. Both routers come with user-friendly apps that walk you through the entire process.

The Nest Wifi unit is much stronger. The Google WiFi unit uses points and satellites to spread its signal. The Nest point is only used as a WiFi point, so it won’t act as the main router. But the Nest Point uses the mesh system, which is much more efficient and can cover a larger area.

While Google WiFi and Nest WiFi have similar hardware, the Nest WiFi system offers a more flexible structure. Both units can be connected to a modem as routers, and both feature range extenders. The Nest WiFi system includes a microphone and 40mm speaker driver.

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